Alternatives to 2cloud

2cloud isn't perfect. We're not going to be the right project for everyone, and we're not going to be able to make everyone happy. We can accept that. We still want to help out the users who were good enough to give us a chance, however. So if 2cloud doesn't suit your fancy, try one of these other apps:

  • PushBullet makes getting content on and off your Android device easy.
  • Phone 2 Chrome has the same goal, but uses your Dropbox account to achieve it.
  • Send to Computer does the same thing, but manages without needing you to install an extension.
  • Send to Browser appears to run natively in Windows or Mac OS X to achieve the same goal.
  • Url2Cloud, which is based off some really cool technology. It can send links to and from your computer.
  • Airdroid claims to "Delight Your Multi-Screen Life", a mission we can identify with.

We have a pretty straightforward goal, but look at how many ways these apps have gone about trying to accomplish it. We're thrilled there's so much choice and diversity in the Android Market and that developers are willing to build services the way they want them. We have a lot of respect for the developers of the applications above, and do our best to try to push them to excellence as much as they push us.

Did we forget someone? Is someone not on that list that should be? Let us know.