About the 2cloud Project

The 2cloud Project was born in March of 2011, the transformation of the android2cloud project, which was born in July of 2010. It is a collection of software for different platform that can transfer URLs immediately between each other and open the result. Its mission is to make moving content between devices as easy as tapping or clicking a few times.

The project is currently sponsored by Second Bit, LLC, a software development company that formed in December of 2010. Second Bit determines the course of the project, but has stated its commitment to keep the project open source, community-driven, and free for everyone. Second Bit's CEO is the founder and lead developer of the project, and the company's other executive has joined the 2cloud Project team as an advisor. Dylan Staley has also joined the project's core team as its designer and UX expert. He's committed to making the application look good and function as users expect it to.

The project maintains several mailing lists. The general discussion mailing list is for discussion about the project in its various implementations. End users are encouraged to post there if there's something they'd like to discuss. We also have a beta list for our beta testers to discuss the latest beta builds of our software and report bugs. Our developers congregate in the development mailing list to discuss the technical details behind the project, new builds, and ask questions and get help. We encourage people who want to write client libraries or server software of their own using the API to subscribe to that list. Finally, we have an announcement mailing list that our team will post updates and announcements about the project to. We encourage everyone to subscribe to that mailing list, because we'll be using it to announce things like policy changes, downtime on our public server, new versions, updates to our API, and other important information. We also maintain a Twitter account for the project itself as well as Twitter list of our sub-project accounts, for those projects that have them. You can also Like us on Facebook. Finally, we maintain a Convore chat for our developers to congregate in and discuss the technical workings of the project, get help, and chat with the team.