Introducing The 2cloud Project

In May of 2010, Google introduced Chrome To Phone to the world. In July, android2cloud launched. We'd like to introduce the third chapter.

The 2cloud Project is aiming high. We want to enable users to move content between their devices seamlessly. Whether you're reading a webpage, watching a video, looking at pictures, or listening to music, we want to make it possible to move that content to whatever device is most convenient for you.

Our ambitions extend beyond the technological, however. We believe that we can achieve our goals while maintaining an open, decentralised, free system. We built and are building the 2cloud Project with the guiding principle that at any point, for any reason, you can switch out our software for software you or anyone else writes. We're building it more as a protocol than a specific set of software or applications. All of our code is open sourced, and we encourage you to look through our source code or download and modify it. We love patches or submissions.

We're aiming high. We're making progress. We would love your help. Check out the different ways you can contribute to the project. But for now, just join us in welcoming the third chapter of content free from context. Tap. Share. Anywhere.